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1 Pass For All Sites
Featuring: Movies, Pictures, Amateur, Babes, Fetish, Lesbian, Mature, Variety, XXX, Young Ladies, Gay
Reviewed by Jacey on 12-Mar-2009

Overall Rating: 84/100
1 Pass For All Sites
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1 Pass For All Sites, as the name suggests, is a megasite that gives you access to 25 websites (not 20, as it says in the tour), in a variety of niches, all for the reasonable price of $34.95. When I first looked at the site, I thought it was going to be a fairly run if the mill, mediocre sort of deal, but I have to say, Iíve been pleasantly surprised at the quality and amount of content thatís on offer here. Donít be put off by its fairly amateur appearance - in my opinion, what youíre getting here is a great deal, and for those of you who like your porn across a variety of niches, from teen to mature, with a bit of bizarre stuff thrown in, itís likely to keep you pretty busy for some time!

1 Pass For All Sites
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Not another megasite, I hear you cry! Well, thatís pretty much what I was thinking too (you can imagine how long it takes to review these things!), but Iíve actually found myself quite enjoying the trawl through this one, which makes a nice change. It is packed with not only its own exclusive content, but also with probably the largest amount of bonus material Iíve seen on a site of this kind - there have got to be thousands of plug in movies here alone, and thatís without mentioning the bonus photos, DVDs and even the games section. Itís really simple to switch between sites, and the content is nicely separated between them instead of all being squeezed into one huge muddled mess - so, whilst itís not the most sophisticated set up in the world, finding what youíre after is usually pretty easy - thereís even content here to satisfy our gay audience. Of course, the best thing about this site is the fact that the models (relatively unknown though most of them are) are hot - Iíd even go so far as to say that some of them are absolute corkers! And in the grand scheme of all things pornographic, hotness is pretty much all that matters...

When you sign in to 1 Pass, youíre automatically taken to the first in their long list of websites, Dirty Daddyís Girls (catchy), although to access the other sites all you have to do is click the "Our Sites" button on the navigation bar. Content is displayed in grid format on each site, and you can either view top rated movies from the particular site youíre on, or top rated movies from across the whole network. You can also view recent and upcoming content. To be honest, navigation here is really quite self explanatory, and whilst they wonít win any awards for originality, itís perfectly adequate! As Iíve mentioned, there are 25 exclusive sites on the network, and whilst theyíre mainly based around the teen/older man niche, there is pretty much something here for everyone - Iíll give you a brief breakdown of some of the more interesting ones here:

Spoiled Virgins
This one is all about real virgins being deflowered - or so the site proclaims! Each scene involves a gorgeous young lady being examined by a Ďdoctorí in a silly hat to prove that she is indeed a virgin, before being taken for a rough (and occasionally painful looking) ride, often by more than one lucky chap. Good performances all round here really, and if devirginising innocent chicks is your thing, youíre going to love it!

Dirty Home Vids
This apparently contains only user submitted content, but the girls here are all suspiciously cute and typically ĎEuropean teen starletí looking - although, if you like the idea of voyeurism, but not the idea of less than attractive amateurs trying to hold a camera steady while theyíre going at it in a badly lit, dirty room, then this one could be right up your street!

Daddies And Darlings
No, this isnít some disturbing incest based horror - this oneís about horny young ladies and even hornier older men - generally much older! All of you teen loving chaps out there who are in what you may describe as your Ďprimeí (I know there are a lot of you about!) are going to absolutely adore this one!

Mommies Do Bunnies
This is where sex starved older women and young ladies collide, providing plenty of hot lesbian performances (and a couple of slightly scary looking matures, it has to be said) - very dirty stuff here guys, MILF and indeed GILF fans are going to love it!

Do My Wife Slut
This should probably be called ĎDo My Slut Wifeí, but aside from that, itís rather predictably about strangers giving other menís MILF wives a good seeing to in front of their husbands!

Shabby Virgins
These older ladies are some of the least convincing virgins that Iíve ever seen, but whatever! Matures and younger guys going at it in full blown grot fests that will either leave you wanting more, or running for the nearest exit... this lot donít do things by halves...

Strap-on Service
Whilst you might have already figured out that this one is about ladies wearing strap-ons and doing menfolk up the bum, Iíve included it mainly to warn you that thereís also some bisexual male content on here (or indeed, inform all you bisexual males out there that thereís something here for you too!), which might otherwise have taken a few of you by surprise!

Bums In Action
Potentially one of the most disturbing sites Iíve ever had the, err, pleasure of viewing, this is not about bums in the obvious sense of the word (nor is it about certain toilet practices either, in case the name had you wondering/worrying) - it is in fact about pretty convincing looking homeless guys getting it on with brave girls who clearly donít mind catching the odd STI... not sure who this oneís supposed to appeal to really, as most homeless guys I know donít even have access to a PC, let alone the money to pay a porn site subscription, but hey ho, different strokes and all that...

First Gay Orgy
Now I told you there was something here for everyone! For all you gay chaps out there, this is about apparently straight guys being seduced into their first gay threesomes by a couple of sexy 20-somethings - plenty of spunk flying twink action to be had here boys!

Let me stress that content from each of these sites is very firmly separated, so thereís no chance of anyone accidentally stumbling onto something that might put them off of their stride! Obviously, there are plenty more sites available with this membership - check out the tour to see most of the others!

There are around 1,145 movies on 1 Pass at the moment, plus probably thousands in the bonus section. Again, I found myself being pleasantly surprised, not only by the formats available, but also by the high quality of the movies - theyíre clear, well shot, and contain some pretty impressive performances, all told. You can stream the movies in WMV or Flash formats, in 2 sizes, and the larger of the Flash movies are fantastic - they coped with playing full screen on my widescreen monitor with no problems whatsoever. You can also download movies in high and low quality WMV format, the high quality being 720x480 - although this isnít huge, itís plenty big enough for even larger monitors, and again, the picture clarity is superb. Download speeds are pretty reasonable - it took be about 25 minutes to download a large 18 minute WMV movie, and this would probably be quicker on faster home connections.

Each movie has an accompanying photo set, containing anything up to 200 photos - so basically, thatís quite a lot of images! I was again surprised at the quality on offer here - instead of the small grainy shots that I was expecting, many of the photos are actually in high resolution 800x1200, and are very well shot - there are also some video stills too, however. There arenít really many features as far as photos are concerned -there is no zip download option, and no slideshow feature. What is nice is that you can comment on all of the sets as well as rate them - you also get the same option with the movies. It looks like the guys running the site do pay attention to what their members have to say, and overall, despite the simplicity of the site itself, it would seem that theyíre doing a pretty damn good job!

The network is updated once every 2 days - some of the sites within the network donít look like theyíve been updated for a while, whereas others are clearly being added to regularly, so thereís no definite update schedule.

Picture Features:
Quantity:1,144 sets - up to 200 photos per set
Picture Size:Up to 800x1200
Updates:Every 2 days
Video Features:
Quantity:1,144 + hundreds in bonus content
Formats:WMV/ASF, Flash
Video Size:Up to 720x480
Clip Duration:2 minutes
Preview Thumbs:Yes
Updates:Every 2 days
General Features:
Member Support:Comprehensive
Movie Support:Comprehensive
Join Options:Credit Card, Online Check, Telephone
Join Fees:$1.95 limited access 3 day trial (recurring at £39.95 per month), $34.95 for 30 days recurring, $59.95 for three months non-recurring
Cancellation Links:I support section

1 Pass For All Sites
Featuring: Movies, Pictures, Amateur, Babes, Fetish, Lesbian, Mature, Variety, XXX, Young Ladies, Gay
Reviewed by Jacey on 12-Mar-2009

Content Quality: 8/10
Overall Quality: 8/10
Exclusivity: 9/10
Updates: 8/10
Design / Nav: 8/10
Value For Money: 9/10
Speed: 9/10
Member Support: 9/10
Personality: 8/10
Miscellaneous: 8/10
Overall Rating: 84/100
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Mr Skin Re-Review - 81/100
Overall Rating: 81/100
Mr Skin Re-Review - 81/100
Site Of The Moment: Mr Skin Re-Review
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Mr Skin is an excellent celebrity themed site. It features an easy to get around collection of some of the best-known names on the planet, and is a thoroughly enjoyable way to while away a few hours. They have daily updates, an often hilarious blog and more celebrity skin than you can shake your stick at Ė no more waiting for your mates to forward you crappy copies of grainy celeb pics! The best thing though? They're offering full monthly memberships for $14.95! Hurry though, it's strictly a limited time offer, so get in while you can!

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