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This area gives independent reviews of the members areas of pay sites.

If you have got a pay site and would like to submit it for review, please email and give a username, password and URL for the members area of the site. Please make sure the password lasts for 3 months and if you have a partner program, please include that information in the e-mail.

We may ask for some more information about the site and for some pictures for our site to help promote it for you - although these are not essential.

We don't require a reciprocal link to be listed in this area of the site, but it is appreciated :-) Feel free to quote any part of our review, but please quote in context and please link to us.

Please link to us by using the following text and / or image:

Richard's Realm
Independent Pay Site Reviews

Richard's Realm Pay Site Reviews
Richard's Realm
Independent Pay Site Reviews

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Any questions regarding this area should be emailed to either or

Thanks a lot.

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