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This area is a gallery of thumbnails of pictures submitted by other webmasters.

There are the following requirements:
  • No bestiality, forced sex or child pornography (on either your site or the picture being posted).
  • Copyright is not being breached by the picture being posted on this site.
  • You are the webmaster of the site posting the image.
  • Please do not submit a picture through a cgi script which redirects the surfer - our bot will automatically remove the picture after it has been posted.
  • Please make sure you do not post a picture in a directory with hotlinking protection. The picture will not show up properly when viewed in the post.
  • No content that contravenes UK BDSM and Obscenity laws.
Submissions are reviewed before being posted.

Complete this form to submit your picture.

Other Info:
  • You can use a sponsor's URL for the URL to link to, providing it is acceptable to the sponsor.
  • Currently a maximum of 250 pictures are shown on the Picture Post at any one time (this will be increased soon).
  • Webmasters can submit a maximum of 6 pictures a day.
  • Pictures can only ever be posted once, but this might be changed to once every 2 months soon.
  • A bot checks every picture several times an hour. Please do not change or remove the picture after it has been submitted, as it will be automatically removed from the post.

If you have any problems or questions, e-mail webmaster@richards-realm.com

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