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A little about me.
This is the fourth incarnation of my site since April 1996.

It all started with me connecting to the Internet and looking around the Web and seeing loads of adults sites - some with free pictures and most without. I was fed up with going to links pages and "clicking and hoping" that the site I was connecting to was worth it. Also, my eyes were getting a bit strained from having to look at sites with awful text and background combinations - I didn't really want to have to wear sunglasses everytime I logged on.

"I'll set up my own site", I thought, "and see if I can do better".

Using webspace provided free by my ISP, I set up Richard's Links To Free Pics. It started off as a very humble site with links to about 20 sites with free pictures and a few of my own XXX pictures - some of you may even remember it. I submitted it to Persian Kitty and a couple of other links pages and watched with amazement as the counter clocked up the first 1,000 and then 10,000 visitors.

After a few weeks Richard's Links To Free Pics was getting about 10,000 visitors a day. The number of sites I linked to increased to about 100 and things were looking good. Then my server administrator became concerned about the pictures I was showing. He didn't throw me off the server - which was good of him - but he suggested I look for a different server on which to show the pictures.

I put a plea on my site for people to let me know about any space I could use for the pics and then, out of the blue, the Webmaster of 2Sexy offered me 5mb of space on his server. I built a new site and launched it in August of 1996.

It lasted for less than one day.

My friend's server couldn't handle it. It was closed down. and so I had to start all over again. Fortunately, the guy from 2Sexy managed to arrange for me to use some space on One 4 All's server. I re-built the site and launched it again the following week.

It lasted for four hours.

Again, the server couldn't handle it. I was getting fed-up, visitors were getting fed-up, I thought about jacking it in and not bothering anymore, but instead I went on holiday.

When I returned, I offered advertising space to sponsors. The money I got from this then paid for Richard's Free XXX Pictures at the site. It went well for a few weeks, but the server was so bloody slow, even I couldn't get around the site so how could I expect visitors to enjoy it.

I then decided to set-up a members picture archive (The Archive), the extra money from which would help me pay for a bigger and better server. And this is it (well, one of them).

In May, the chaps I rent the server from told me me that I was using far too much bandwidth. More problems, I thought. The solution, after a careful look at the dreaded cashflow, has been to rent a second server.

The site is still growing and my friend, Jeremy, has joined me in running the site. Between us we spend about 40 or 50 hours a week maintaining the site and about $4,500 a month paying for the servers and all the other odds and ends (like the Chat Rooms).

Despite those figures, I run the site because I enjoy it (believe it or not). I work full time and easily spend 4 hours every evening answering e-mail and updating the various pages. Needless to say, my social life has been effected a little bit!!

If you've read this far, then I'm bloody impressed. Thanks for taking the trouble and I hope you enjoy my site.

A little about me.
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